In corporate branding, few things are as important as a well-conceived logo. Logos are the "foot in the door" of consumer awareness -- the not-so-subliminal message stamped on products which can shape consumer opinion as assuredly as a successful ad or a massive marketing campaign.

Take the logo above, for instance. When PINES International decided to finally push ahead with plans to introduce its first new product in almost a decade, I was tasked not only with coming up with a new label for the product but also with updating the logo so it could be displayed more prominently on the company's products.

Thus began the months-long process of revamping -- and reinvigorating -- the PINES logo: out with the old (an abstracted pine tree which was more of an eyesore than anything else), in with the new (the circular setting and photographic backdrop). The net result? Something that everyone seemed truly happy with. :-) Mission accomplished!

Since logo design can run the gamut from simple text-only affairs to complex designs which must be optimized for use in a variety of formats, I prefer to discuss a client's specific needs and then tender a bid, though I'm also available for hire at the hourly rate of $25/hr.

On the following pages you will find logos for both corporate entities and scientific research labs, as well as a few samples of product packaging. Though many of the companies represented here exist only in the realm of imagination, the underlying principles remain the same: conceptual rigor, attention to detail, and testing within "real world" settings. I look forward to serving your logo design needs.

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