(Above) Three different approaches to a logo for the company Intrinsic Graphics. This was pure "spec work"; Intrinsic had yet to announce itself to the public or settle on a logo, and I knew from inside sources that they were open to suggestions. The downside was that they were being very secretive about the nature of their work, so any design would be a "shot in the dark" -- much like designing a logo for the Segway HT (the two-wheeled gyroscopicly-balanced personal transport vehicle in the news last year) based only on speculation and rumors. The bottom of the three designs elicited a positive response from one of Intrinsic's co-founders, but the company ultimately opted to go with a different approach from another party. When Intrinsic finally unveiled their flagship product, it turned out to be a "code once, port to many platforms" piece of middleware for the gaming industry.