(Above) In the summer of 2000, two scientific organizations -- The Wenner-Gren Foundation and The American Society of Human Genetics -- both held contests to help them select new logos for the 21st century. The Wenner-Gren Foundation is a granting agency which supports worldwide research in the humanities, so I attempted to graphically represent this mission in the contest entry at top left. The logo at top right is an early draft for the ASHG contest, as I was attempting to ascertain the best way of incorporating a double helix into the design. Directly below them is the ASHG logo which was selected one of two finalists in the contest; the abstracted double helix -- sans the nucleotide pairs which form the "rungs" in the LBA logo -- was built in 3D Studio VIZ. After this version was selected a finalist, I was asked to convert it to vector format so that the logo could be resized for use on posters and banners. The second "golden helix" version is a JPEG export of the adjusted vector version. Finally, the bottom design is a variation on one of my ASHG entries, repurposed to serve as the logo for the Laboratory of Biological Anthropology at the University of Kansas.