In the spring of 2001, preliminary work began on a direct mail campaign for Pines International featuring a mythical rock 'n' roll band called The Rolling Blackouts. The point of the campaign was to position the client's health food supplements as "a reliable source of energy," while poking fun at the outrageous power problems in California. Though real-world events eventually intervened and forced a postponement of the campaign, the client was quite pleased with the options I presented for a Rolling Blackouts logo and promotional t-shirt.
  (Above) "Many are called but few are chosen," and so it is with logos. Altogether, over a dozen different designs were tried out before settling on a couple of basic approaches.
  (Below) Variations on a theme: a sampling of the different designs which were worked up for the promotional t-shirt, all playing off of the butane lighter as a link between rock concerts and the desperate situation in California at the time. Click on any of the buttons to see the full design.